how to connect the Vortex to PC with bluetooth

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We received the vortex today, thank you for that.

we sadly don't have any device working on IOS, so we can't install and use WhenDo to program the robot.
I installed Scratch 2 on my portable PC, witch has his own bluetooth. I thought I don't need a Bluno wireless adapter, do I ? Vortex appaers connected to the PC in bluetooth, but I didn't manage to program it : I followed all the steps to connect it, but when I open the folder "Vortex example" with scratch2, the small colored circle beside Vortex is red. :(
How can I solve this problem ?

2016-08-25 15:55:28 Hi jeanluc.vigner,

You can refer to this link: viewtopic.php?f=19&t=1878#p8834
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2016-08-25 15:14:57 Hi!

I have the same problem.
What do I have to do to connect a PC with built-in bluetooth to Vortex, and use Scratch to program it?
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2016-01-20 11:13:01 Hello jeanluc.vigner, welcome to the forum

Sorry to hear you are having problems with Vortex. Our engineering team is trying to replicate this issue and will return with an answer in this thread when we have one.
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