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userHead ashkansam1991 2016-01-18 11:09:55 7457 Views6 Replies

As a birthday gift, I have been given a Bluno board. I have worked a lot with micro controllers, but about this board I cannot find any helpful schematic of how cc2540 MC is connected to the Atmega328. Can they even communicate with each other through IIC, or SPI protocols, or they are completely separate and only connected to the micro usb board on the board?
I have planned to do a very simple project. Sending a code by my iphone to the cc2540, and use the Atmega328 to turn on an LED.

I Appreciate your help in advance.
2016-02-19 15:00:31 Hi Sorry for the late reply, it is easy to find by ctrl+f>usb, hh ;)

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2016-02-06 00:12:25 Thanks a lot. That Schematic was really helpful. Just another question. So, how the micro usb port is connected to them. Is that the j1 in the schematic? userHeadPic ashkansam1991
2016-02-03 16:24:01 Hi,

They are connected with each other by M8RXD & M8TXD,
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2016-01-27 11:00:06 Thanks Leff
Mine is Bluno V2.0 (dfrobot). Thanks for the schematic, but it doesn't really say how cc2540 and Atmega328 are connected together. I was wondering if you know anything about that.
userHeadPic ashkansam1991
2016-01-21 11:14:23 Hi

Maybe this is the link you need: ... %20Sch.pdf
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2016-01-20 11:00:52 hello ashkansam1991, thanks for your post.

Which version of the Bluno are you using? With this information I can find you a schematic
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