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is there anyone would like to help me understand this

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there are codes I copy from BLUNO demo

private class BluetoothGattCharacteristicHelper {
BluetoothGattCharacteristic mCharacteristic;
String mCharacteristicValue;
private RingBuffer<BluetoothGattCharacteristicHelper> mCharacteristicRingBuffer = new RingBuffer<BluetoothGattCharacteristicHelper>(8);

I do not understand above. what is its type of variables. how it will be stored in memory? how I access those members of mCharacteristicRingBuffer?

Thanks!! :?::?:
2016-03-03 17:41:08 Hi,
This is an internal function to handle the data package. There is no needs to use it for the normal using. Just use the outer function to send and receive data.
Actually the bluetooth only can send limited bytes in one transaction, so we have to split it to meet the BLE protocol.
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