xbee remote programming

userHead jdelcamp0 2016-03-10 07:53:43 1539 Views1 Replies
I have a rover v2 and 2 xbee series 1.
I have good communication between the rover and the computer.
DFrobot used to sell a kit version with remote programming via xbee.
But I can't figure out how to upload new sketches thru the xbee.
Can you provide the proper configuration and any wiring changes needed?
2016-03-10 10:40:11 Hi jdelcamp0,

I found the link by a guy replied on Arduino forum, ... -xbee.html, but it is not practical because it needs you to press the reset button while preparing to program it, and still it may fail.

BTW, we have BLE module for wireless programming, very trustful! :) ... ng_via_BLE
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