Tiny antenna cable and connector, virtually impossible to connect

userHead Account cancelled 2020-01-15 00:14:33 4628 Views2 Replies
hi all,
it is virtually impossible to connect the tiny antenna cables to the bluetooth and wifi connector on the LPA board. Despite watching numerous youtube videos and trying for without success for the last 3 consecutive days. It has been a rather frustrating experience so far.

I wonder if without attaching those antenna cables would affect the performance of wifi and Bluetooth ?
(The LPA is house in a titan casing)

Thanks in advance for any reply.
2020-01-15 13:45:35 No better solutions yet. Please push harder when installing and make sure the holes are aligned to sockets properly.
it also takes me a little effort to install this antenna.

BTW, you can't use WIFI and Bluetooth if you don't install antennas. USB dongle or m.2 E key network card are also feasible solutions.
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