7" touchscreen not being seen by NanoPi M1Plus but works with Raspberry Pi3

userHead Account cancelled 2020-01-23 20:18:43 2417 Views0 Replies
I have a NanoPi M1plus SBC - it successfully drives the HDMI and displays onto the 7" screen, but the USB connection is not recognised. It does not show up in lsusb, nor does it show in output from usbmon.
On the other hand it works perfectly on a Raspberry Pi3 - not only does it appear on lsusb but it also works as touchscreen mouse and pinch control with no modification beyond getting the resolution right.

I have checked the voltage to the 3.3v regulator is a good 5v, and the output of the regulator is a good 3.3v. So it would not appear to be a current or voltage issue.

Any hints how to get the device seen by the NanoPi would be greatly appreciated