Win10 Enterprise Image

userHead steven.mcneese 2020-01-22 23:31:39 4043 Views3 Replies
I purchased a couple of the 4GB/64GB boards with Win 10 Enterprise licenses and 10" touch displays for them. The 10" displays required a new image that was automatically configured to support the display. I now want to go back to the original image so it works properly with other displays connected via HDMI. However when i download the Win 10 Enterprise image, I cannot unzip it because it is corrupt. Can someone provide a link to the correct image that works? I have sent an email to support but have not heard back from anyone.

Thank you,

2020-01-23 22:58:39 I found an zip file that download and unpacked. I put it on a 16gb NTFS formatted usb flash drive but when I boot the lattepanda to usb, it loads a few fields and then says it will execute a startup file but then ends at a shell prompt and nothing happens. Not sure I have create the USB drive correctly. Can someone provide some instructions? userHeadPic steven.mcneese