Set of of Latte Panda won't complete

userHead Account cancelled 2016-05-28 02:23:27 2520 Views1 Replies
It starts up then goes to the set up screen with questions like home country/ preferred languages etc. Select the options I want and continue.....

It then is sill a blue screen with "Just a moment"

Then black screen with Latte Panda logo

then back to a blue screen with the set up questions again. Just a continual loop.

Anyone any ideas?

2016-05-30 17:18:08 HI,

Do you use USB adapter with maximum current NO LESS THAN 2A? Because Insufficient or unstable current supply may lead LattePanda fail to start.

And I think you can try the following toturial to re-install your LattePanda. ... ows_system?
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