audio jack not working

userHead 202885harold 2016-06-01 17:24:53 2940 Views2 Replies
Hello I have tried to use a headset with the audio jack on my LP buy it does not show up in playback devices and does not output any sound execp for a pop when I plug it in
2016-06-10 19:29:20 Same problem here, using Creative PC speakers, suddenly a heavy noise that stays until i go to settings > change sound card settings > ok. After i do that it disappears but when i type or click with the mouse the noise comes back. Disabling the system sounds helps but isn't a solution. Please fix this in one way or another. Thanks. userHeadPic vandeput bart
2016-06-08 15:31:05 driver issue? or is it a compatible headset? like apple's is not working with it... userHeadPic Leff