How I can connect both DF Robot LCD keypad schield and capacitive touch sensor

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My name is Falcon.
I would like  connect a capacitive touch sensor and DF Robot LCD keypad shield .

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How  can I connect this capacitive touch sensor with  keypad circuit ( legs of the buttons)?

I would  solder the wires, with output signals, directly  to  the legs of the buttons.

Can you suggest me the exact points where I can solder the wires to the legs of the buttons?

Thank you
2014-09-09 19:20:15 Yes, it is low.
Thank you for your help.

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2014-09-09 12:13:14 Hello Falcon,

You mean you want to connect touch sensor output signal to LCD button?
As Analog Pin 0 is used to read the five buttons. I will attach the button Schematic diagram.
I am not sure what is the touch sensor output signal. I guess it should be "LOW".
If it is "LOW", you could solder it on the button leg directly, if it is "High", you need a inverting circuit, which could convert "HIGH" level to "LOW" level.
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