Wifi not working

userHead Account cancelled 2016-06-26 00:00:39 3345 Views2 Replies

I'm a kickstarter backer of the lattepanda and I've received my reward and I'm very happy with the device. I'm thinking of ordering a couple more for display purposes around the house...

I've got a problem though. The Wifi has always worked, but a couple of days ago the device disappeared of the network and when I checked on it I found that the wifi driver seems to be having a problem. I cannot see a wireless connection in the adapter settings and when I check the driver in the device manager, it says:

"The device annot start. (Code 10)
(Operation Failed)
The requested operation was unsuccessful."

Anyone got a clue on how to fix this?
2017-08-29 06:16:58 The LattePanda forums are broken. New users cannot post or reply. Perhaps you could let them know about this? userHeadPic stevengolson
2016-06-27 17:56:13 driver issue? you could ask for help from userHeadPic Leff