IR Positioning Camera on Rapsberry PI

userHead joshua.suereth 2016-07-31 02:31:39 3177 Views4 Replies
Anyone know if this is possible or if there's anything fancy I'll have to do? I can't seem to get it working w/ example code and specs I've found on the website.
2016-08-07 09:19:27 So, I found some code online that showed how to connect to the camera from python on the raspberry pi. I now have the camera working, (I think). However, I was curious if there's a way to control the sensitivity. I'm trying to reflect IR from an IR LED (off a device designed to reflect IR), but I'm having trouble getting the camera to sense this object (and not just the LED). I was reading online that the Wii remote has several sensitivity settings, is there a way for me to control the camera sensitivity remotely?

If you send me arduino code, that should be fine, I think I can successfully convert this to raspberry pi.

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2016-08-02 16:20:50 hello,

Sorry, I am not very clear about the second device in the example code. And I asked my colleage for help, one of my colleage said the second device is another IR device. But I am waiting for the correct answer, if there are any response, I will reply to you immediately. .

At the same time, I got some infomation, maybe you can download a library called "wiringPi I2C", it can extend the SPI and I2C chip, but you still need to rewrite the example code according to the library. And our own library is not compatible with the raspberry indeed.

Sorry again, I cant help you a lot.
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2016-08-02 06:40:04 So I'm fine rewriting the code. What I can't figure out is:

1. What is the second device in the example code? Can I just fire messages to/from the 0x58 device and have it work? I have the device hooked up to the I2C on the raspberry PI and I can see the 0x58 device there. Should I be able to get everything fully working without having to buy an arduino? I need a PI because I plan on doing some OpenCV-ish items on the historical results from the camera.
2. The pinboard link didn't work for me.

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2016-08-01 11:32:48 Hi joshua.suereth,

Sorry, the example code and specs of Arduino is not suitable for Repsberry, you need to rewrite the library. For the hardware, maybe this IR module can be directly connnected to the I2C interface, for the other Arduino device, you need a pinboard.

More details you can refer to the wiki at the bottom of website page.
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