DFR0019 Prototyping Shield for Arduino

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Hi. According to the schematic given at "DOCUMENTS" section in your "STORE" page of DFR0019, a push button switch on the board is connected to 11 pin and two LEDs are connected to 12 and 13 pins through 1kΩ resistors respectively. Is this correct?
Or they are only connected to the nearby holes 1, 2 and 3; And I have to solder them in order to use them?

Schematic of DFR0019 ... _SC_10.pdf
2016-08-05 14:40:55 Hi PhilipMarlowe,

Sorry for our unclear info.

The two LED are connected to the nearby holes 2 and 3, the hole 1 is the ground of the button.

You need to solder them if you want to use them.
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