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Problem for BLUno devices read in android 6.0 version

userHead darlaarun 2016-08-04 01:43:11 2454 Views3 Replies
Hello DFRobot team,

We have a problem for BLUno device read in android 6.0 version.

we have integrated the BLUno device in my own application, it is working in android OS 5.0.. versions, but not in android 6.0 OS versions.
In android 6.0 OS version BLUnos are not read(Means not finding the BLUno devices from mobiles). Even your reference BasicBLUnoDemo app & BLUno apps also not finding the BLUno devices.

Hope BLUno android api not support for android 6.0 OS version or something else.

If not support latest android OS 6.0 version, please upgrade BLUno android api and provide us.
or Give me any suggestion for me to resolve this bug.

Thanks & Regards
Darla Arun
2016-08-05 15:11:53 Hi darlaarun,

I did some tests on your Bluno device using andriod 6.0 phone and it works well, including the Bluno Basic Demo.

I asked my colleage for help, he said, this is only related to a cell phone, maybe the only way you can do is to update your mobile phone. After all, every brand mobile phone is different.

Sorry, I cant help you a lot.
userHeadPic Wendy.Hu
2016-08-05 01:22:00 Hi Wendy,
Thanks for responding,

I'm using ( ... 6N05JN97b4) this BLUno and followed his basic demo apps, I have implemented both iOS & android own apps.
iOS working well and Android also working well in android OS 5.0 + versions But problem with android OS 6.0 version.
In android OS 6.0 + I'm not able to discover the BLUno devices with my own android developed app and not able to discover the BLUno devices in DFRobot default sample apps (BasicBLUnoDemo app & BLUno app).

"BLE device as peripheral mode" - Means what you mean, how we set peripheral mode?
Think, I set devices are in Peripheral mode for that reason i found the BLUno devices in android OS 5.0 versions.. & iOS app.
other wise I'm not able to find the BLUno devices in android OS 5.0 + & iOS app

if I'm missing anything please let me know.
Waiting for your replay bro......

userHeadPic darlaarun
2016-08-04 11:49:00 Hi Darla Arun,

May I know what is your Bluno device? I did some tests using the phone of andriod 6.0 version, which can find the BLE device from mobile. Did you set the BLE device as peripheral mode?
userHeadPic Wendy.Hu