May I ask is the arduino UNO series port enough for GPS/GSM/GPRS Module 3.0?

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Hi all, 

I'm new user to arduino and GPS/GSM/GPRS Module 3.0. May I ask is the Arduino Uno R3's series port enough for GPS/GSM/GPRS Module 3.0? Since i know the series port of Arduino Uno r3 is not enough for separate GSM shield and GPS shield. Otherwise, additional library has to add in to represent the additional series port for either GSM or GPS.

thanks reply.

2014-10-24 10:03:04 UNO is OK userHeadPic Grey.CC
2014-10-23 02:43:39 Hi all,

Alright, may I ask if i want to interface them with LCD, should I choose Mega instead of Uno? However, I know LCD just connect with I2C , the brand like Nokia 5110 LCD or other LCD shield should have enough port interface with Uno R3  right? Sorry for my question, since I don't want waste money buy wrong item. Thanks
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2014-10-22 10:23:54 Hello

It is no problem with UNO. The GSM/GPRS/GPS shield will have a switch a change the communication mode. And it also could use a software method to switch their function. You change check it wiki page.
It contains a lot of arduino sample code.
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