Servo DSS-M15S doesn't work

userHead thomas 2016-08-16 00:22:20 1694 Views4 Replies
I bought a servo DSS-M15S that should travel 270 degrees. I bought it for a modelship not for a robot.
I wanted to use it with a remote control spectrum DX 6i. The servo works but only to the normal angle of 60 degrees.
How can I use the 270 degrees?
2016-08-17 17:17:47 Sorry, I also cant find the contact of the manufacturer. And I know the servo is controlled by RC PWM,, the pluse range is 500-2500us. So whats your control signal and the frequency of PWM? userHeadPic Wendy.Hu
2016-08-17 00:06:01 Hi Wendy,
I think it would be better to ask the manufacturer of the Servo, but I cannot find out how I can do that.
userHeadPic thomas
2016-08-17 00:03:30 Hi Wendy,
No I cannot send you code because I'm not creating programs. I'm building models of ships and airplanes and I drive them with a remote control. For one of my ships I need a servo that makes more than the usual 60 degrees and so I bought the DSS-M15S with 270 degrees. But it doesn't work. Spectrum is a company that sells remote controls like Graupner or Futaba do.
Best regards
userHeadPic thomas
2016-08-16 17:52:26 Hi thomas,

Sorry, I am not very clear about the remote control spectrum DX 6i, but could you provide me some code of the servo you are using?
userHeadPic Wendy.Hu