miniQIII Demo Software

userHead daniel.binggeli 2016-08-16 22:36:25 2662 Views3 Replies
I just got my miniQ 2WD v2 plus a IIC LCD. There was a sketch installed which does some test tasks (obviously) and e.g. obstacle avoidance. It also activates and uses the LCD and writes some information, plus the Text "miniQIII"! But there is no document to this code whatsoever.
Is this sketch (source) available? Or is there some documentation?
Every hint is much appreciated.
2016-08-29 10:11:21 :D userHeadPic Wendy.Hu
2016-08-27 00:09:07 Hi
Thank you so much. I read the Code. As you said, it's test Code with limited functionality. But It helps understand how to use the miniQ functions. :D
userHeadPic daniel.binggeli
2016-08-22 16:11:46 Hi

There was a sketch intalled indeed, which is a factory test code. It has no effect on using. If you need, the code as shown in the attachment. Hope it will help you.
userHeadPic Wendy.Hu