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Pairing Bluno V2.0 with Mac

userHead Account cancelled 2016-08-29 22:56:10 3427 Views1 Replies

I've bought the Bluno V2.0 and would like to connect it with Mac to transfer signal data from a sensor but it doesn't work even with the USB BLE-Link. It seems like the computer can find the Bluno but they can't communicate.

In the Arduino software I choose Arduino/ Genuine Uno, Bluetooth-incoming-port and 115200 baud rate.
When I plug in the power supply, the 'LINK' LED is on but the 'PAIR' LED is not.
I've tried typing '+++' in the serial monitor (as suggested in but nothing happened :cry:

I'm very new with Arduino. Could someone help me figure this out please?

Many thanks in advance
2016-08-30 15:54:28 Hi

When you are going to enter into AT mode, did you select the "No line ending" and 115200 baud in the two pull-down menu before you type "+++"? And the "PAIR" LED is used for HID mode, not for BLE connection.

Whats more, the USB BLE LINK default to master mode, the Bluno default to slave mode, so when you pluged them in power supply, they will be connected automaticlly. Then choose the com port of USB BLE LINK, upload a Blink to the adapter, you will find the 13 pin LED of the Bluno will be on. But when you want to communicate between two BLE devices, there will need to some code to upload to two BLE devices. Here is a link about two BLE devices communication, maybe you can make a reference:
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