2A Motor Shield SKU:DRI0009. Noisy Motor / stalling

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Hi there.
I'm working on a project that automates a BBQ rotisserie :o type that is powered by a 12v 2amp motor (electric windows car / wiper type) like this one: ... s/$_57.JPG . I bought 2A Motor Shield (DRI0009) and set the power selector jumper to the PWMIN one and connected an external 12V power supply to the correct connectors. I noticed though that then reducing the speed, the voltage also decreases which causes the motor to stall at low speed or making a annoying noise :-) I'm not sure if I misinterpreted this but I believed with PWM speed control we would be able to keep a constant 12V so the motor would work even at low speeds.
Has anyone experienced the same issue? If I connect my 12V source directly to my motor I get normal behaviour and full speed. Only if I set the speed to under 250 I start to get some noise.

If anyone knows if there is a way to get around this or if I'm using the incorrect shield and could shed some light, that would be immensely appreciated.


2016-09-01 17:19:34 Hi Dan,

Probably the starting current of motor is relatively large, when you connect 12V source directly to your motor, you can get normal behaviour and full speed. When you set the speed under 250, the output current of the driver can't reach the starting current, so there will be some noise, which is not the real noise, to some extent, its the noise of current.

Maybe you can change another better motor or change another driver of more larger output current. Here is a driver shield, maybe you can make a reference: ... 8fyTK1oR-U
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