LED matrix that is bluetooth connected to a phone

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Hi Experts,
I am an experienced programmer, but totally new to electronics prototyping. I am building a prototype of a LED matrix display. The central part is to control the text or graphic on the display from a smartphone via bluetooth connection. I know I should have a LED matrix, a phone, but have no idea what I should have in between them and how to put them together. Would be much appreciated if someone could point me to the right direction...
Many thanks in advance.
2016-08-31 18:28:23 Hi

You want to send some text or graphic to the display by the phone BLE? Right? If so, you need to upload a APP to your smartphone, then build connections between your phone and the BLE module(SKU:DFR0267). Connect your display to BLE module. There are several LCD module, you can refer to their product wiki to do a test, the wiki is at the bottom of the product page.

Now you only need to write your own code to achieve your program, here is a link about the communication between two ble modules, maybe you can make a reference:

Hope it will help you.
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