Turbity sensor not Working

userHead jcry.silva 2016-09-24 05:58:44 2870 Views8 Replies
I have a DFRduino UNO R3 with an DFRobot LCD Keypad Shield 16*2 plus Turbity Sendors.

I can't have it working. I just receive the value 0.04.
Is that normal? There is one way to calibrate the sensor?

Or maybe some lines on the code missing?

Thanks for the advices
2016-09-30 14:16:41 Open the shell of the probe, the white one, there is a metal zero potentiometer. try adjust, its should show some difference.

If there is still no change, probably the sensor is a defective one, under the warranty, you can go to our return page to require a replacement, the page link as follows:
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Note: since our website is updating, the post page will be some change, just copy the link address to search.
userHeadPic Wendy.Hu
2016-09-30 02:40:15 Yes, I know that. userHeadPic jcry.silva
2016-09-29 18:41:07 Can you give a picture about your diagram? Did you notice the D/A switch? When you connect the sensor to analog, please toggle the switch to A; when you connect to digital, toggle to D. userHeadPic Wendy.Hu
2016-09-27 21:42:44 I did it, same problem.
I tried another sensor, same problem.
userHeadPic jcry.silva
2016-09-27 14:22:18 Oh, maybe I know the problem. Please modify the code to :
int sensorValue = analogRead(A1);

The A0 port on the shield has been occupied, then you connected to analog 1, but dont modify the code. Please try again.
userHeadPic Wendy.Hu
2016-09-26 19:39:19 The code:

void setup() {
Serial.begin(9600); //Baud rate: 9600
void loop() {
int sensorValue = analogRead(A0);// read the input on analog pin 0:
float voltage = sensorValue * (5.0 / 1024.0); // Convert the analog reading (which goes from 0 - 1023) to a voltage (0 - 5V):
Serial.println(voltage); // print out the value you read:

And the sensor is connected tu Analog1 on the dfrobot lcd shield that is connected on the dfrduino.
userHeadPic jcry.silva
2016-09-26 16:34:15 Hi Sir,

Whats the voltage value you got? 0.04? Did you notice the "D/A" Output Signal Switch when you used different mode? Can you provide me some pictures about your code and the diagram? Whats more, the sensor no need to calibrate.
userHeadPic Wendy.Hu
2016-09-26 02:16:43 Someone can help me there? userHeadPic jcry.silva