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OK, so im trying to get my PH values for the V1.1 with industrial probe into node-red. I got the probe working with a tinkerkit LCD(basically a Leo board with LCD attached). I have been trying to send the values to an ESP8266 through i2c using ESPeasy and it seems its not that easy. I have several arduinos and ESP8266s laying around. Anyone have a working solution to get PH values into node-red or to send MQTT. I was thinking of hooking the PH board directly to the ESP8266 but the PH board is 5V. I do have a couple level converters laying around.
Any help would be great. The sooner I can start logging PH data the sooner I can buy a couple more and also EC meters :D . Thanks!
2021-12-13 12:56:46 I have the same error and am also looking to buy a new EC meter. userHeadPic miedreamie
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2021-01-06 20:05:16 I am glad to read this userHeadPic anonymous
2016-11-07 16:38:35 Hi Sir,

So sorry for the late reply.

Sorry, I am not very clear about the node-red. May I know whats the node-red? And sorry, we only have the code for PH value, no I2C code for this sensor. I am not an expert in this field, maybe I need to ask my colleague for help. And I guess that you can go to other forum for help, eg

Any update I will reply you immediately.
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2016-11-06 03:44:49 i2c code for this sensor? just the ph value? Pleeeease!?!? userHeadPic sel303