Someone can explain me what a checksum

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Dear all

Happy new year!!!

I am getting GPS fix, using the RMC sentence.
At the end of the sentence, the is a checksum.

The mode is followd by a checksum and it's the only case where the two data are not separeted by a comma, but a star *.

For exemple, a mode can return 'A' and the cehcksum '*10'

I can not understan what is exactely a checsum. What it's more important for me, it's to undertand why, when my GPS return me that
the checksum is not shown/displayed?

Many thans for your help.

2015-01-07 22:34:24 It seems that your GPS is a little defective,
You could check this NMEA WIKI page. ... ssociation

Check this library
It is very nice one, it fix me some problems with GPS data. (Not GSM/GPRS/GPS one).
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