[TEL0051] Wath does the MS621 battery connected to VRTC pin

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Hello all and happy new year!!

I got a TEL0051 board which is very good. I observed a MS 621 battery which is connected to the VRTC pin of the SIM908.
Apparetnly it's a rechargeable battery.

Can someone tell me what is the function(use of that battery?

Is it use to record the data of the SIM908, as sattelite and fix to let the SIM908 start in hot mode?

Someone can provide me some explication?

Many thank
2015-01-07 03:03:34 Dear Grey
Thank for your answer. It's very nice and happy new year!!
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2015-01-06 22:10:01 Yeah, with a battery, it will record the last satellite data, and realize a warm start.
Most of GPS module will include this function.
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2015-01-05 17:05:55 Hello Grey,
Thank for your reply.
Ok but I am sorry, I still do not understand.
When I connect a battery on VRTC, what does it do exactely. I think RTC menas Real Time Clock.
So I suggest it keep the clock "working" while the module is off?
But does it "record" the last satelite that the GPS read?
Does it help the GPS to start in hot or warm start?

I do not understand exactely the need to put a bettery on VRTC. Could you highlight me, on it?

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2015-01-05 12:13:48 Hello Pierrot,

You could check this documents. ... 10715).DOC
4.5 RTC Backup
It will supports the RTC system, to keep RTC working.
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