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Upload sketches wirelessy?

userHead Account cancelled 2017-02-01 18:30:36 1968 Views1 Replies
Can I upload sketches (code) via bluetooth from Windows PC with Arduino Ide software to Bluno Mega 2560 device?
2017-02-03 10:29:55 Hi Sir,

Sorry for the late reply, since the Spring Festival.
Yes, you can. But maybe you need an adapter inserted into the PC to upload the code via bluetooth. Please refer to the following link to make a reference:make_clickable_callback(MAGIC_URL_FULL, ' ', '', '', ' class="postlink"')

As for the detailed method, please refer to this link:make_clickable_callback(MAGIC_URL_FULL, ' ', '', '', ' class="postlink"') Of course, any other ble board of DFRobot can be an adapter to upload the code to bluno mega 2560.
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