Problem with Xbee S3B + IO Expansion Shield V5 + Ard Uno

userHead emital86 2017-03-02 07:14:21 2865 Views6 Replies
I need your help.
I have a Arduino Uno + IO Expansion Shield V5 + Xbee S3B and I cant configure Xbee with XCTU. Really i cant do anything.
In x-ctu when i press Test/Query is shown unable to communicate with modem (the red light in Xbee Shield is flashing)

Can you help me?
2017-03-10 20:06:21 Thank you so much!.
I have not leonardo, but now i will think how continue with my project.
Good bye.
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2017-03-09 17:52:26 Hi

I did a test and got some info that there are some difference between the official uno and our uno. The resistance connected to TX and RX is different between them, so we cant configure the parameters to xbee via our uno and IO expendion shield using X-CTU. :( Our uno is 1K ohm, the official is 470 ohm. If you want to do something, maybe you can try to change the resistors. :roll:

In additon, do you have a leonardo? I did a test and find the leonardo should be no problem. If you have, please try to upload the code below to leonardo first, then using X-CTU to configure.
void setup()
Serial.begin(9600); //Initialize the usb and set the baud rate of 9600
Serial1.begin(9600); //Initialize the xbee and set the baud rate of 9600


void loop()
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2017-03-03 20:39:43 Thank you, i have not another problem.
The shield model is:make_clickable_callback(MAGIC_URL_FULL, ' ', '', '', ' class="postlink"'))_(SKU:_DFR0088)

Maybe is a TTL-CMOS compatibility issues. I tested with an osciloscopy the RX and TX signals from Shield and I saw that RX signal is in 2 Vp-p, I think that Arduino One can not read this signal becouse its work with TTL. If this is the problem I must do extra connection in the shield, with jumper or other way.
Anyway I will wait your response.
Thank you.
userHeadPic emital86
2017-03-03 14:33:31 Hi

Ok, I got it. I am guessing that its possible to be compatibility issues. I will do a test later and any info I will let you know.

Let me know if you have any other problem.
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2017-03-02 19:13:42 My Xbee is: XBEE PROS3B, XBP9B-DPST-001 revH 0013A200 4126923A userHeadPic emital86
2017-03-02 10:57:54 Hi

May I know the sku of the xbee module? Since we have several kinds of xbee. :)
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