DFPlayer delay in myDFPlayer.randomAll() ?

userHead docsly27 2017-04-01 04:39:44 1012 Views3 Replies

Can I use the "myDFPlayer.randomAll()" function with delay between each sounds ?

2017-04-14 18:36:47 I am guessing that it should be no problem, just try it. It seems that we can add a delay to achieve the function. I also will do a test later to see the effect. Any update I will let you know. userHeadPic Wendy.Hu
2017-04-11 21:07:45 Hi,

I want play a song randomly, make a pause 5secondes, and play another song randomly
userHeadPic docsly27
2017-04-05 10:35:06 Hi

I am a little confused about what you mean. Do you want play your songs randomly? Or after one song played, playing other songs randomly, right? In theory, it will execute the code line by line.
userHeadPic Wendy.Hu