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Bluno M3 header file issue

userHead smear253 2017-04-27 03:59:44 1425 Views3 Replies
So i recently acquired a bluno m3 v2.1 and am currently trying to connect a tmp007 thermosensor to it. The library exists within my IDE and my sketchbook location is not the issue, but am still receiving the following error:

fatal error: Adafruit_TMP007.h: No such file or directory compilation terminated.

I have tried several options such as restarting my IDE, provide a new location for the library, and restarting my computer.
I am also using the custom 1.5.5 IDE as told and have the correct drivers installed. I'm clearly a newbie so I'd very much appreciate the help.
2017-05-01 22:16:51 If someone can assist me with this issue rather soon, I would very much appreciate it. userHeadPic smear253
2017-04-27 23:18:26 Hi Wendy,

I placed my adafruit_tmp007 library in "Arduino-1.5.5 > libraries" just like with all the other ones I use, which happen to work fine. My sketchbook location points to the libraries, and when I try to "import>Add Library" it says the library already exists.
userHeadPic smear253
2017-04-27 16:01:16 Hi

Did you put the library into your library files of IDE? And just a single file, dont include the other files. How do you put the files into the IDE library?
userHeadPic Wendy.Hu