SEN0337 ToF sensor can not enter UART mode

userHead Account cancelled 2021-01-28 14:18:08 465 Views1 Replies
HI, I have got my SEN0337 ToF sensor from Mouser.
I can communicate with SEN0337 and read date through Nassistan Software at first,
But when I configure it as CAN bus mode, It suddenly disconnect, and doesn't output any CAN BUS signal
(I already using 120R resistance)
When I want to enter UART mode to reconfigure the module(press the key before power on), module doesn't response, so I can not connect the module anymore.
I have try several times.

Am I doing something wrong?

I would be grateful for help!

2021-01-29 16:29:58 Under normal circumstances, NAssistant cannot recognize the TOF module after switching to CAN mode. You need to press and hold the button and then power on until the indicator light changes from fast flashing to slow flashing and then release the button. At this time, NAssitant can recognize the module and enter the settings The page is changed back to UART mode to write parameters.
If the indicator does not light up at all after power-on, and then use the serial debugging assistant that comes with NAssitant to connect to the corresponding COM port and there is no data, the firmware is generally lost. You can only send it back and re-flash the firmware
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