Huskylens failed firmware update - now "bricked"

userHead stevegale54 2021-04-01 02:02:48 4132 Views4 Replies
I finally decided to use my Huskylens, it has been sitting on a shelf since it arriced as part of the Kickstarted, the plan was to connect it to a PICO.

I followed the instructions and attempted to update the firmware.
The output i sshown below:
Code: Select all
:~/HUSKYLENSUploader-master $ sudo python3 HUSKYLENSWithModelV0.5.1Norm.kfpkg 
[INFO] COM Port Auto Detected, Selected  /dev/ttyUSB0 
[INFO] Default baudrate is 115200 , later it may be changed to the value you set. 
[INFO] Trying to Enter the ISP Mode... 

[INFO] Greeting Message Detected, Start Downloading ISP 
Downloading ISP: |██████████████████████████████████████████████████| 100.0% Complete
[INFO] Booting From 0x80000000 
[INFO] Wait For 0.3 second for ISP to Boot 
[INFO] Boot to Flashmode Successfully 
[INFO] Selected Flash:  On-Board 
[INFO] Extracting KFPKG ...  
[INFO] Writing HuskyLens.bin into 0x00000000 
Downloading: |████████████████████████████████████████----------| 80.5% Complete
I left it for over an hour stuck at 80.5%

Then disconnected and re-connected it to my computer, now there is no image displayed.

Is there anyway to recover the situation or is it irrecoverable?

Steve Gale
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2021-04-01 19:26:44 No I was using Buster OS on my PI.

Once the initial panic died down Itried it again on my MAC and that all worked.

So I have a working huskylens again, now to connect it to my PICO.

userHeadPic stevegale54
2021-04-01 04:53:18 Hi There,

Did you tried the USB HuskyLens Uploader using Windows ?. ... 6#target_5

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