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Problem with Veyron 1x5A Brushless Motor Driver

userHead Account cancelled 2014-09-10 22:36:31 5595 Views3 Replies
Hi everyone

I have a problem with Veyron 1x5A Brushless Motor Driver.

the problem is when i decided to activate the board from the software" Sensorless Bldc Driver Tool V1"

I don't how to use this program step by step . the info in the manual isn't very capable of explaining

please help

2016-06-21 18:14:35 Hi tariqizham_taichou96,

Is it a typo 240V, that would be too large I think?
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2016-05-21 21:10:21 i have the same problem... i'm using driver with 24V ext power source... and can i use 240V motor? userHeadPic tariqizham_taichou96
2014-09-11 18:46:35 Hey Zara,

What is the rated voltage for the driver? and your motor?
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