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Problem Raspberry Pi + MD v1.3 L298N for a 4WD robot

userHead Account cancelled 2014-10-12 04:52:03 4626 Views1 Replies
Hi guys ! I'm new on this forum. I come here because i have a problem on my project. i have the newer version of L298N... I don't know how to wire it with my pi. Pease some one of this forum send me a shematic of wiring...
Thanks all !
2014-10-13 11:03:11 Hi,
L298N DC motor driver requires 2 PWM signal. What about using Python?
I remember it could control the GPIO, and output a PWM signal. What is your power supply of motor?
If the voltage is higher than 12V, please unplug the jump cap "VS=VD"
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