Maqueen Plus and Bluetooth extension together :(

userHead MariuszNiziołek 2022-06-04 17:12:48 199 Views3 Replies

Hello DFRobot :)


When a project includes Maqeen Plus there is no possibility to add Bluetooth extension due to incompatibility.

Could you provide Maqueen Plus extension supporting Bluetooth? It looks that IR and Bluetooth can't be used together. So I think it would be enough to provide Maqueen Plus extension without IR support (simply exclude IR support from existing Maqueen Plus extension for users who want to use Bluetooth). 


Due to the problem above there is no possibility to control Maqueen Plus via smartfon Bluetooth  :( :( :( !!!!!


My micro:bit version is V2.21 with the latest firmware (v. 0257).


Can you help me? Or maybe somebody solved the problem?


Best regards


2022-09-19 15:30:22 Android App facilitates pairing and flashing programs to the micro:bit


Bluetooth implementation on the micro:bit:

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2022-06-21 00:36:24



Not. I simply want to control remotely Maqueen Plus V2 via bluetooth using android tablet.

Unfortunatelly makecode bluetooth library is not combatible with Maqueen Plus V2 


Do you know any solution ?


Best regards



userHeadPic MariuszNiziołek
2022-06-16 16:46:40

Hello!Do you want to know if radio and IR are compatible?

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