userHead JoehannesAzriel 2022-06-06 17:56:50 325 Views4 Replies

im using the DF ROBOT TDS meter for my project using STM32 and lora for communication to mqtt, but the sensor always read 0, im using the analog version for the project

2022-07-01 16:19:31

Hi! It is recommended to use with ADS module.

userHeadPic Tonny12138
2022-06-08 14:15:41

The connection of TDS Sensor with Arduino is fairly simple. Connect the VCC to Arduino 5V & GND to GND. Connect its Analog pin to any analog pin of Arduino. In my case, I used Analog pin A1 of Arduino.





userHeadPic OconnellMark
2022-06-07 21:41:35

As long as the voltage level is match.   As TDS can work between 3.3-5.5V,  so they should work together. 

userHeadPic R2D2C3PO
2022-06-06 18:00:11

i can use stm32 for DR ROBOT TDS meter right?


userHeadPic JoehannesAzriel