MCP3424 and STM32 integration through I2C

userHead PWaiba 2022-06-28 16:23:26 228 Views1 Replies

I am trying to assure the MCP3424 is connected or not to the STM32 board using command: 


if((HAL_I2C_IsDeviceReady(&hi2c1, 0x68 << 1, 10, HAL_MAX_DELAY))==HAL_OK){
  HAL_UART_Transmit(&huart2, "connected\r\n", 10, 10);




On success connection to the address mentioned, there should be "connected" print in serial port display but  there is no connection build up. So, is there any way to connect it properly if the code I have used is wrong by chance? 

MCP3424 is not fault here as I have tried with Arduino and it was successfully connected in the same I2C address.

2023-01-17 14:43:35


pls refer to the library:


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