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Lattepanda Triple 4k display?

userHead shringkel 2022-08-01 20:29:45 2185 Views2 Replies

I'm attempting to figure out if it's possible to have a triple 4k display setup on a lattepanda. I don't mind using newer equipment but I want to have a pocketable desktop rig for moving about, but when at home I want 4k displays for movies and such. Is this even possible?


I know USB C can take two(?) displays but don't know if it can handle two 4k, I know there are USB displays out there too. I'm Maybe sitting in a pipe dream about having a super smol desktop rig that can do this sort of thing.


No gaming, just movies and youtube, netflix, the usual stuff.

2022-09-09 18:10:23

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userHeadPic alexachris
2022-09-09 02:37:51

Just couple related points: the CPU limits this, of course.Delta3 - i N5105 celeron: CPU does support 3 displays, indeed, and both HDMI and DP do support 4K.There is eDP, HDMI and another DP on USB-C available on the Delta3.Also, the main product page shows exactly this: small touch via eDP connector, then HDMI and finally USBC connected large panel with HDR support.Imho, rather problematic may be connecting the display to the eDP feature connector - no idea, if it supports 4K and if there is a way to convert from this special connector to a normal DP cable.

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