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DFR0698 - 12.5" 4K IPS Touch Display with LattePanda 3 Delta

userHead DanielPett 2022-08-04 15:18:12 144 Views1 Replies

Hi there,

i wanna use the Lattepanda 3 Delta only wired by one usb-c cable to the monitor.

i use the usb-c cables delivered with the monitor but it only delivers power to the

lattepanda. the only way to get a picture on the screen is to use the mini-hdmi-to-hdmi cable.

there are pictures on the product page that say it shall work.

i have searched the bios but there are no options to change the video output.

anybody has succes with this setup?

2022-08-10 23:40:38

Okay. Now it works. Win11 did an autoupdate.


userHeadPic DanielPett