Huskylens FAQ【SEN0305】

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Q1: Why is the Huskylens‘s screen black and no display?

A1: Please check whether the power supply is stable 5V, 3.3V power supply cannot drive Erha to work normally. And make sure Huskylens's firmware is the latest version.

Q2: Why is there a horizontal line on the display?

A2: Please tear off the protective film on the screen. Since the protective film of the screen may be slightly scratched during the processing, the protective film may be polarized under the action of light.


Q3: Can I replace the camera or extend the cable?

A3: We currently do not recommend replacing the camera by yourself. If it is required by the project, please select the appropriate wiring according to the following wiring diagram.

Note: Once the camera is disassembled and the wiring is replaced, the product is out of warranty, please check whether other functions are normal before this.


Q4: How many objects can each recognition function of Huskylens recognize?

A4: About 40 objects can be stored.


Q5:Why can't Huskylens recognize and learn the AprilTag I searched online?

A5:AprilTag is divided into six categories, namely TAG16H5, TAG25H7, TAG25H9, TAG36H10, TAG36H11,  ARTOOLKIT. Huskylens can only recognize Tags of the TAG36H11 category. Please use the tag code in this category, or you can download it directly from the wiki.


If you have other questions, just feel free to post them in our forum for consultation. We will reply them as soon as possible and improve the product FAQ gradually.