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4-in-1 esc with Arduino

userHead JiwanFilembar 2022-09-12 15:23:41 2594 Views1 Replies

I'm working on a project where I have to spin 4 motors at certain RPMs and I am thinking about using a 4-in-1 esc as its cheaper currently, I tried searching up what the input signal would be for the esc but couldn't figure it out, can I power the esc without lipo cells? I have a variable power supply, can they work too? (the 4 motors do not need to spin in different speeds) thank you

2022-09-13 00:13:56

Most ESCs need 5v PWM (RC format).  You want LIPO cells or you may have problems under load.


You want a board that has 5V native to generate RC PWM like this:


This article will educate you on the ESC control:


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