sim7000 NB-IoT Expansion Shield FAQ【DFR0572/DFR0505】

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Q1:The serial monitor shows that the card is on turn on SIM7000...

A1:1. Check whether an external power supply is connected. Input Voltage: 7-12VDC (VIN range: 6-20V). The micro USB port of the Sim7000 expansion board cannot be used for power supply, but for burning firmware.

2. Try to replace the external power adapter/lithium battery.

3. Try to manually turn on the SIM7000, press and hold the Boot button for 2 seconds.


Q2: Fails to attach the service

A2:1. Please check the signal strength, use AT command to check the signal strength, if there is no signal or the signal is too poor, change the place/change the antenna.

2. Try to change the network standard (according to the sim card type), setNetMode NB to GPRS.

3. Try attaching the service manually, using AT commands.


Q3:Is it available in a certain region?

A3:It needs to be determined according to the frequency band provided by the local operator.



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