Devastator Tank Mobile Robot Platform

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Hi everyone


So I am new to building and coding robots with some background in Arduino coding.


I have bought myself the Devastator Tank Mobile Robot Platform from DFRobots and I am using a Romeo BLE - A Control Board for Robot with the platform.


To my knowledge I have connected everything as described on the website and the manual (configuration A)

As well as using the sample code they provide that allows you to control the direction of the robot through the Arduino IDE Serial Monitor.


However my robot is not responding to any of the commands and I don't understand why. The RX led lights up as soon as I receive a command but the motor do not turn and I am not sure why. I have tried to watch videos of the assembly, wiring and coding for this robot but most people use Raspberry PI which does not help a lot.


The code as well as the wiring diagram can both be found in the link above, however I can share the code as I have it in the Arduino IDE and photos of my wiring.


If anyone can please assist me in this, I will really appreciate it.


Kind regards

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Sorry for the late response.

It seems that motors themselves are good. The controller succeeded in receiving the signal via the serial port.  However, it remain unknown where it can jump to corresponding cases.

Could you please add a Serial.println code in each case? See whether there is any feedback or not.

Hope it can help!

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2022-09-26 09:55:42


Did you buy the Devastator Tank Mobile Robot Platform (Metal DC Gear Motor)? The motor power input terminal of romeo: 5V to 23v. When the motor power is less than 23V, the controller can share a power supply with the motor, and the Power In Selection switch is turned to ON. When the motor power is greater than 23V, the Power In Selection switch must be turned OFF, and the controller needs to be powered separately. What are your motor power specifications? Are the motor control jumpers enabled? Did you use the sample code?

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PhilipRobbertse wrote:

Hi Jenna


Thank you for the feedback.


That is correct I have the Devastator Tank Mobile Robot Platform (Metal DC Gear Motor). Link where I bought it:


The motor jumpers are enabled.

I have copied and uploaded the sample code as on the website.

Sample code I am using:

My dc motors that came with the kit are:

•12V dc motors, I have connected an external 12V 2A power supply to the motors themselves and they were functioning. 

• I am using 6x 1.5V batteries as described in the manual for the devastator.

• I have tried connecting the 12V 2A power supply instead of the 6x 1.5V batteries, but this had no effect either.


Concerning the board, I have used simple code to determine the board works with commands, simply by typing a character in the serial monitor and the board would respond with “hello there”.


Does this help, do you need any additional info or photos?


Kind Regards



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