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Making lattepanda 3 Delta Portable with DIY Tool Battery

userHead RamonMendoza 2022-09-30 07:43:22 1785 Views1 Replies

I am currently working on making the lattepanda 3 that I have purchased portable utilizing a Dewalt Battery as my power pack.
Although, I purchased it and bought one of these to turn on the USB-C portion to at least run 5 volts from said adapter. 
Sadly, it did not work and the adapter portion still provides power. Sadly I believe its because its utilizing some sort of option that I haven't found within the lattepanda BIOS.
I am looking everywhere and I'm trying to finalize this for a presentation. So Please I need help and what ever it may be I thank you all for your assistance! 

2022-10-01 06:39:39

Solved it!It seems that both power ports by the instructions say that it can take up to 12v~15v of power so I tested this with a modified buck down I have to reduce the 20v power of the Dewalt RX 20v Battery to 11.97v using the buck down. Both ports accepted the power of 12v input. However, it would be best to use the UART port utilizing this . I check everything else it seems to work fine also if you don't have this around or can't wait for it use testing cables like these ones to Jerry rig a portable power supply to see if it works by making contact with the center + & - contact points. Anyways, thank you all for trying and have a great day/night. X3Also, hopes this works for all of you that are attempting what I am doing ;3

userHeadPic RamonMendoza