ESP32-E v1.0 SD card connection

userHead MartinCarolan 2022-10-09 10:37:35 932 Views1 Replies

My Firebeetle is working great for just about everything I have attempted so far. But I am completely unable to get it to access an SD storage card. I have attempted SPI access using espressif SD and MMC  library. I have also attempted 4 data line connections with MMC library. Various SD card breakout boards. The SD cards work fine else where on the PC etc. But no success connecting to Firebeetle.


Does any one have a working example and config for a firebeetle  esp32-E working correctly with an SD card. Is the some firebeetle specific trick? What am I missing???!

2022-12-14 23:33:09

Me too, It makes me crazy for this. Where is supporter from DFROBOT?

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