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Raspberry Pi 2 - cannot enable /dev/i2c-0

userHead MitchelBrayon 2022-11-08 12:21:55 1537 Views0 Replies

i have a problem with bit banging on raspberry pi 2 i have done all of these step :

*sudo nano /etc/modprobe.d/raspi-blacklist.conf  //#blacklist i2c-bcm2708

*sudo nano /etc/modules //Add the Line i2c-dev at the end of the file. *Edit the /boot/cmdline.txt file: sudo nano /boot/cmdline.txt //At the end of the line add bcm2708.vc_i2c_override=1 and when i run ls /dev/i2c* i get only /dev/i2c-1. any ideas? im using Raspberry pi 2.thanks

I'm expecting to see /dev/i2c-1 and /dev/i2c-0 instead of only /dev/i2c-1.