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Boot from emmc, but have root on usb

userHead David.Thomas 2022-11-17 22:32:14 380 Views1 Replies


Is it possible to boot a dfrobot dual ethernet router with a cm4 8gb flash module from the emmc card, but have the root partition on a usb drive ?

Any hints on how to do it? I was thinking install and test the system on the emmc card, and then copy root to the usb and update fstab?


2022-12-04 23:16:33

So, I can answer this myself. The way I asked about would have been too complicated, and error prone.


I flashed the EMMC using the RPI image tool utilities and chose boot to USB, rebooted and let it update the firmware, and then simply created a USB  with the OS on it, and inserted it into the DFROBOT.


No problem… it booted from the USB, and the EMMC is not being used


DFROBOT is working great, and I have about 800Mbps both up and down (I have a 10GB Fibre connection to the ISP, so will keep my eyes open for an updated DFROBOT with 10GB network capabilities:-)

userHeadPic David.Thomas