FireBeetle-ESP32 board powered by 5V

userHead emi.zet 2022-11-18 18:18:01 387 Views1 Replies

I bought a FireBeetle Board-ESP32 DFR0478. I want to power the board via a 5V step-down converter, but there is a problem. The board does not work.
I tried:
I connected 5V to the Vcc pin,
cut off the USB cable and connect the 5V to the red line.

Does anyone know why this board works when connected via USB (5V power supply) but not via external 5V.

2022-11-18 19:01:25

On the wiki page: found informations:"The output voltage of the pin VCC is equal to power source's voltage. (Output USB voltage when powered by USB, output battery voltage under 3.7V lipo battery input)The VCC port usually is not used as the power supply port of the mainboard. If you have to use that port to power the mainboard, then the battery input pin should be left floating."


So it should be possible to power the board through the Vcc pin, but I should leave the battery input pin unconnected.

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