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TB6600 and Using 3.3v logic to handle INPUT

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I am using a beaglebone black to program the TB6600 to handle motor movement. 


Does the motor driver allow for 3.3v logic input? 




P.S. I read over the wiki and saw that it can be controlled via 3.3v but I wanted to make sure…

2024-01-08 12:46:20

Hello Again,


Do I use PWM or just GPIO peripherals for this device/driver? I think I have not fully understood how to interpret the electrical of it.




P.S. Please reply when you find time. I look here: TB6600_Stepper_Motor_Driver_SKU__DRI0043-DFRobot . What I find is a 5v logic board from DFRobot and two PWM channels and one GPIO but when I look in the source for the driver for the Arduino sketch, I think all three inputs to the driver are GPIO. 


Is it that I need I/O or just output from the board to the TB6600?

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xingzhao.zhu wrote:


A stepper motor does not need PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) pins for control, and it cannot be controlled with a PWM signal. However, you can use the PWM pins as regular digital pins on your Arduino board, and they will work just fine for this purpose.


TB6600 Stepper Motor Driver - DFRobot
2024-01-12 12:34:10
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2023-03-11 20:28:17

Okay. I finally figured out everything…


W/ gpiod…I was using it incorrectly. 


W/ my lib, I was using it incorrectly. Everything works. Sorry to bother you guys/gals.



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R2D2C3PO wrote:

Nice to see that.  Have fun. 

2023-03-12 10:38:07
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2023-03-11 11:16:54

Okay…the machine moves in one linear way but does not return to it previous position and cannot turn back. I think I have the hardware right.


Two PWM channels and one GPIO channel but I guess I am at a loss right now as to how to change the direction of the motion w/ the controller.



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2023-03-07 05:51:42

Okay…I got it. 


Thank you for being okay w/ me venturing into this forum.



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2023-03-07 04:18:54



I have  no clue as to what chip is being used w/in this Motor Driver. I see the functions on it:


1. Enable or PWR/GND +/-2. Direction or GPIO +/-3. Pulse or PWM +/-


I think number 1. is PWR and GND and not GPIO but I am not sure. 


2. should be a GPIO in my mind but it could be another technology. I see two PWM peripherals being used and one, I guess it is, GPIO…


3. Pulse has to be PWM in my thoughts…


I little guidance would be nice…I have this driver that is already written up for it but I cannot access the motor driver yet.


I am not sure if it is a permissions issue w/ Linux right now or the wiring for the connections.




P.S. If you have time, I would like your ideas on this effort I am approaching. 



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2023-03-06 19:17:39 is the site I am looking over that makes me think the input voltage signal can be 3.3v…

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