LattePanda v1 low disk space

userHead Ralph.Yamamoto 2023-05-01 08:36:30 617 Views1 Replies

I received a new LattePanda v1 2GB/32GB with Windows 10 activated.


There was only 2GB of free space left on the C Drive.  Is this normal?   It's hard to install anything else with so little space left.


Is it possible to get a new fresh image to install?  Disk Cleanup does not show anythng to remove that would get more than 100MB or so.  I can't find any restore or update files to remove.

2023-05-10 09:32:33

After checking the LattePanda V1 2GB/32GB on my hand, it still got 16GB left, even if I install some software.

So maybe reinstall the Windows will be helpful.You could refer to the official documentation to reinstall the Windows OS.Official doc:

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