Streaming/Accessing Video from a HUSKYLENS

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Hello everybody,


I have a SEN0305 HUSKYLENSE AI Machine Vision Sensor and I already successfully set up a I2C communication with my Raspberry Pi board. 


My question is: Is it possible to somehow access/stream the video from the camera on a Raspberry so I can see it on my laptop or an other screen? It would be great to have the camera feed on a separat monitor. Instead of the I2C communication I could of course also just connect the Huskylense with a USB cable to the Raspberry, but still that doesn't solve the problem. 


Best regard and many thanks for your help.

2023-12-07 03:41:45

URGENT: Does that also work for Arduino Uno? Is it the same process? and How, Help please

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2023-05-07 18:34:11

You can install software like GStreamer on your Raspberry Pi to capture the video stream from the HUSKYLENSE sensor and encode it into a format that can be streamed over a network. You can then use a media player on your laptop or separate monitor to view the stream.

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