Sigma fan bad after one day?

userHead Wtg 2023-05-07 04:48:00 624 Views4 Replies

Got a Sigma kit with SSD and wifi. Fan worked for 1 day.


Left sigma off over night.


Added more ssds.


Reboot and fan will not start.


Check BIOS. Set to full try lowering temp. Still no fan.


Is it a bad fan? 

2023-05-10 15:43:42

Sorry for the inconvenience,  pls contact technical support email for help: [email protected]

userHeadPic jenna
2023-05-08 11:18:35

pls check the wiki:


Path: BIOS Setup -> Advanced -> Hardware Monitor -> CPU Fan Mode->full speed

userHeadPic jenna
Wtg wrote:

did check that. Then I removed the fan. Found that the blue wire was damaged as it was in the way of the fan. Very disappointed in the quality. have pictures.

2023-05-09 11:27:10
Wtg wrote:

2023-05-09 11:28:12
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